8 Ways to Learn My Mom Cleaning Methods

8 Ways to Learn My Mom Cleaning Methods

I follow a lot of my fellow mommy bloggers on all social media platforms. I have to say, last night I broke out in a cold sweat after reading some of Housewife How-To’s blog entries. With every entry on weekly sheet washing, daily vacuuming, and monthly baseboard scrubbing I sunk deeper and deeper into an anxiety-riddled panic attack.

People change their sheets weekly?

Wash their dishes after every meal?

What the fuck are baseboards? 

Not only was I on the verge of a mental break, I felt quite less like the trophy wife I pictured myself being. My poor husband! That poor man is stuck with a stinky wildebeest when he deserves a delicate flower who presses his undies.

Then I snapped out of it.

There have to be more women like me. So, I googled “brilliant messy women” and a quote from the glorious J.K. Rowling popped up.

People very often say to me, “How did you do it? How did you raise a baby and write a book?” and the answer is, I didn’t do housework for four years! I’m not Superwoman, and living in squalor that was the answer. -J.K. Rowling

THIS! This is who I want to be! I am not June Cleaver. What I am good at is half-assing this housework thing like a boss. 

So, without further ado, here are Mrs. Mommy Mack’s tips on How to Cut Corners Like a Mom since you have better things to do than scrub. Like, anything. You don’t have to be writing The Sorcerer’s Stone. You could be taking a well deserved fucking nap for all I care.


Scary Mommy

Comment below with your half ass techniques!

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