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7 Ways My Four Kids Made Me a Hermit

7 Ways My Four Kids Made Me a Hermit

I have always been an extrovert. Before four kids, I would rarely spend a night home at my apartment. I was constantly out with friends or at Barnes and Noble surrounded by people. Sitting on the couch alone made me itchy.

When I had one kid, it made it a bit more difficult to go out of the house and do things but it was barely a speed bump in my social game. I still zipped around with my son in tow to restaurants and activities without skipping a beat.

Two kids in, a little bit more work but still could go to the store or visit family with a little preparation and well-timed naps.

Then I had twins.

Game changer.

My son was home for Christmas break last month. When I brought him back to school, I realized that was his first time leaving the house that entire week. What? That couldn’t be possible. I racked my brain through the holiday parties, grocery store runs and daily activities. Nope. He never left.

I have worked the past few weeks to at least take my two oldest out alone more often, but here’s the problem with pushing through that hermit-like state:

  1. Amazon Prime – I am convinced Amazon Prime has created an entire generation of hermits like myself. If you can live off non-perishable food items, there’s no reason to leave your home. As long as I have two days of supplies, there’s nothing I can’t get right to my front door. Just opening the door to snatch it off my porch is enough work.
  2. Midwestern weather – We are in the throws of winter, here in the Midwest. It’s below zero on a daily basis. The process of packing kids in snow gear, warming up the minivan, icing the drive, not falling and cracking someone’s skull open and driving with white knuckles through the streets requires some serious motivation.
  3. No two-seat grocery carts – My twins are on the cusp of being able to sit up on their own and sit in a grocery cart seat. HOWEVER, how does one do that with two babies? Am I supposed to flop one baby on top of my pork chops and hope a can of beans doesn’t pelt her in the head? If the store doesn’t have a two-seater grocery cart, I can’t go. I mean, I could go and have a four-year old and three-year old walk, push a double stroller and drag a cart behind but I’ve already had enough nervous breakdowns this week. We can just Prime some mac and cheese.
  4. Nap times – My day is a constant carousel of nap times. I am forever putting one down, getting one up and prepping the next one for bedtime. IF I do leave the house, it can be for maybe an hour if the babies can’t sleep in their car seats.
  5. Disease – Sending my son to preschool is like sending him to lick the handrails in Grand Central Station. There are sickness grenades being brought into our house on every Monday, Wednesday, Friday. If I can make it through the week without being barfed on, I am praising all the things. Why would I up my chances of puke buckets by heading into the grocery store, or worse the public library?
  6. Ample prep time – Mixing four kids with my anxiety means I need at least a week to mentally prepare for an outing. I can’t be pounced on. Asking to go to swimming classes tomorrow will send me in a tailspin of planning that will end in me feigning illness and eating a cheesecake. It’s just not possible.
  7. Family time – Truly, I really love our little family unit. I love these memories we are all making in our little cocoon of six. We may all get sick of the sight of each other and need time in our beds with Netflix from time to time, but my kids are learning their undying love for each other. It’s us against the world and for a little more precious time the pain in the ass of leaving the house is growing our bond in immeasurable amounts.

Do you have a large family? How do you wrangle them all? Tell me about it in the comments!

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Extreme Non-Couponer: How I Suck at Clipping and Still Earn $

Extreme Non-Couponer: How I Suck at Clipping and Still Earn $

*Disclaimer- This post contains affiliate links. Read all about that boring crap, here.

When the show Extreme Couponing hit the air, my addictive personality was lit ablaze. I raced to Wal-Mart, spent $150 on a binder, those plastic baseball card inserts, dividers, ink, printer, purse coupon holder, and every single Sunday paper they had on their racks. I was desperate to save my family a gazillion dollars buying out the local pharmacy of all it’s health and beauty items.

I sat home and clipped, sorted, printed, sorted, clipped and lived on the Krazy Coupon Lady‘s site staring lovingly at meticulously organized stockpiles in a Midwestern mom’s crawlspace. I took my encyclopedia of coupons to Walgreens and sat there for three hours like Rain Man trying to figure out freebies and how many tampons I could use before menopause.

I ended up leaving with 15 boxes of toothpaste I hate, a handful of peppermints and sweat rings down to my waistband from the stress of math.

Needless to say, that was the end of my extreme couponing career. However, I am always looking for ways to save or earn a little extra money to ease the pain of all the Prime boxes constantly on my doorstep giving my husband a coronary. I love windfalls, but I don’t love putting in too much effort. Basically, if it requires me to put my phone down, I don’t love it.

So, here’s my rundown of ideas for fellow cheapskates with a Prime addiction who’d like a little extra jing for bills, wine, Prime, therapy, you know, whatever parenting throws your way.

This site will send you surveys randomly to complete and get paid for. Typically, completing a mere 5-10 surveys a month will get you a check every few months. So, the 5-10 times you get to poop in peace a month you could have that knocked out!

Sign up for Opinion Outpost here. 

This one is super cool because it’s run by the Nielsen Company. You know, the granddaddy of surveys? Also, sometimes, there are local focus groups you can attend for extra cash. That would be very fun if they actually held some up in No Man’s Land. But, you city slickers might want to check that out!

Sign up for Harris Poll here. 

This one is my personal favorite since it requires the least amount of effort. You sign up, download an app and then surf the web on that app! Pretty easy way to earn money.

Sign up for Digital Voice here. 

What other sites have you used? Do you love or hate them?

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Extreme Non-Couponer: How I Suck at Clipping and Still Earn Money | Mrs. Mommy Mack |
Extreme Non-Couponer: How I Suck at Clipping and Still Earn Money | Mrs. Mommy Mack |
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